What is Roots Only?

Roots Only is a hair applicator tool specifically designed to apply hair solutions to your scalp and roots.

Will Roots Only work on my hair?

Roots Only works on all hair; Long hair, short hair, fine hair, thick hair, coarse hair, blonde hair, black hair, etc.

How does Roots Only save time?

With Roots Only you no longer need to section or part your hair. You use the applicator head like a comb.

How does Roots Only save me money?

Roots Only will save you money by allowing you to achieve professional results at home. No more expensive trips to the salon. Roots Only is re-useable so it pays for itself after the first use.

Can I really apply the solution myself in less than 5 minutes?

Absolutely yes! With Roots Only you will “feel” the hair solution is being applied right to your scalp and roots. Just mix the hair solution in the Roots Only bottle, comb and squeeze…It’s that easy!

How does Roots Only protect my hair from damage?

Roots Only has been designed to apply hair solution where the new hair growth resides, at the roots and scalp. Roots Only does not touch the “already treated” hair. The outside of your hair will remain dry with Roots Only so there is no double processing.